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Learn how to get the most out of your available feed resources
and maximise your investment in supplementary feeding!











Loose blends provide
new feeding options.

CopRice FlexiBlends rations combine a mix of locally-sourced grains, pulses, fibre and VitaMinBuf™ sheep concentrate pellets, carefully formulated to complement your available feed resources.

Riverina grainfed lambs
make history – twice!

Leeton lamb feeders, Mark Tabain and Leigh Maguire, have each set national records with their grainfed lambs. Both rely on VitaMinBuf™ supplements to safeguard the health and performance of their lambs.

The easy way to balance
grain-based rations.

CopRice VitaMinBuf™ provides a balanced supply of vitamins, minerals, rumen buffers, yeast and a rumen modifier to optimise the health and performance of lotfed sheep.



Food for champions.

A passion for breeding ‘all-round’ working dogs that can perform in any situation has proven to be a winning formula for Kevin and Kay Howell, with their Karana Kelpie stud acknowledged as one of the most successful in the breed’s history.

Getting it done.

Shane Maurer from Getitdone Working Dogs is rapidly establishing a name for himself as one of the country’s leading sources of high performance dogs. He uses and recommends the CopRice Working Dog Life Stage range.

Automated feedlot
rewriting the rules.

Lambs being fed in ‘Canimbla’ feedlot are routinely achieving growth rates of 350 to 450 grams/day from a simple lupin-grain ration, allowing them to be turned off at 65 kg liveweight within 60 days.






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